The Resignation Letter

Basic ground rule - The resignation letter should be short and direct.

Remember that this is your official notification that you are leaving your current employer. It is normally the point-of-no-return.

You are physically leaving; however, it's not "goodbye," you will be using your boss and peers as references in the years to come.

People seem to remember how an individual leaves a company when it is a "classy exit" or when it's the opposite of that, they remember even more.

It is not the time to "vent" or review problems - no burning of corporate bridges, especially if you are remaining in the same industry and/or profession, you may work with these same people in the future.

A sample of a resignation letter:

Dear Susan:

Please accept my resignation as Development Project Leader for ACME Corporation. I have sincerely enjoyed our association.

This letter is a two week notification and my last day of work will be Friday, August 24, 2001.

I wish you and the company continued success.

Very truly yours,

John Smith

Other Ancillary Resignation Issues

  • You may wish to tell your current employer which company you are going to work for and in what capacity, however it is not necessary.

  • Your two week notice is considered normal and within corporate expectations. If you give less notification, you are burning a corporate bridge.

  • After you give "two week's notice" with a resignation letter, the company (because of the nature of your position or the industry you're working in) may ask you to leave prior to the two week date.

    Do not feel offended. That may be normal operating procedure for the company and/or may be dictated by security issues.

    Should you get paid for the full two weeks? - probably.

  • If they ask you to stay on for a period greater than two weeks, you have to make the decision.

  • Your new employer will be expecting you in two weeks, the future is represented by your new position and loyalty should be with your new position.

  • You have met your obligations with a two-week notification

  • If you have a high level Vice President or CIO position, then two to four weeks time to leave is an acceptable time period for this level of position.

  • Remember, make yours a "classy exit" and no corporate bridge burning.

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