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General Information

The mission statement of CIC is to provide our clients with the highest quality of information technology (IT) professionals with technical excellence in programming, analysis, design, development and management.

Professional Services

I. Contract consultants for a wide range of IT positions.
II. Contingency search for the placement of IT professionals.
III. Exclusive, retained search for executive level technical management.
IV. Business Solutions through a statement of work (SOW).
V. Outsourcing of a client's information technology recruitment functions.

I. Consultant Technical Staffing

CIC provides contract technical consultant services:
  • Placement of IT contract consultants within client site to supplement their technical staff.
  • Consultants are CIC employees.
  • Contracts are 3 months to multi-year in length.
  • CIC Client Option Program enables the client to assess the performance of a consultant during an agreed upon time period with the option to hire the contractor.

  • II. Contingent - Permanent Placement Search

    CIC provides contingency staffing services for a wide spectrum of IT positions from programmers, DBA's, Project Managers, Managers, Directors, Vice Presidents, and CIO's. The technical staffing competency covers: E-Commerce, Internet, Client Server, Mainframe, Telecommunications and Information Technology Project Management for Business.

    III. Exclusive Retained Search

    CIC provides exclusive search services for difficult-to-find technical or management positions. Our company has an exceptional success record in filling IT executive positions.

    IV. Business - Technical Consulting Solutions

    CIC provides IT consulting services nationwide to client companies that tend to be project oriented and are defined by a Statement of Work (SOW).

    The consultants and project managers are CIC employees or temporary employees provided by third party partners.

    The work is performed through one of three different types of Statements of Work as follows:

    (Type A) A Non-Project oriented work order provides CIC consultants to accomplish specific types of technical services and expertise on a non-project basis, i.e., providing day-to-day operation services.

    (Type B) A Semi-Project work order where CIC provides a technical lead through which all client work direction is supplied, and the CIC lead then directs members of the team for their day-to-day support functions. The CIC lead is the single point of contact for the client. This type of work order does not commit to project deliverables.

    (Type C) A Full-Project oriented work order would define the full project management requirements, including consultant staff and specific deliverables that the project team will be required to accomplish within a specific time period and price.

    V. Information Technology Outsourcing Services

    Two types of outsourcing services provided:

    Type A - Outsourcing

  • CIC will place an experienced technical recruiter(s)
    at the client site to supplement the client's staff.

    When a client has a substantial number of position requirements, CIC will place within a client facility an experienced technical recruiter. The recruiter will supplement the client's staff while having access to the CIC database and its network of affiliate agencies nationwide. This provides our clients with a significant increase in search and staffing capabilities.

    Type B - Outsourcing

  • CIC assumes (on-site and off-site) the entire technical recruitment function for the client.

    CIC outsources all or a portion of the client's technical recruitment function. This especially is valuable when the client has a substantial number of position requirements. CIC, in performing the recruitment function, not only utilizes its own significant capabilities, but also that of our formal affiliates with 400 affiliate agencies (over 3000 recruiters), the largest association of its kind in the world.

    General Information

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